Sunday, 12 July 2009

think fast!

No set up required for this one, although if you are going to have the students in a circle or U shape for another activity that can work really well.

You need a stress ball or other throwable, soft item. (I have a wide selection - kids' squirty bath toys like rubber ducks work well, as do squishy balls, and I know other teachers who use small soft toys for similar purposes - you don't want it to be too interesting though, or it will slow down the game.)

Safety rules - you throw TO someone, not AT someone. It can be useful to get them to call the name of the person they are throwing to.

You give the students a category, then throw the ball to a student. The student needs to give a word that fits the category, then pass the ball to someone else. It needs to be done quickly - the name of the game is "think fast" after all!

If they are too slow, or repeat a word that has already been said within the category, then they get a point. The student(s) with the fewest point win! For a shorter version, you can ignore the point system.
I change the category when someone makes a mistake (esp if the category is getting exhausted), or at a random point.

suggested categories:
things that are usually red.
things that would fit in a normal sized pencil case.
things that wouldn't fit through the door.
words that start with the letter ""
words you would use to describe a fantastic friend

also, standard categories such as food, hobbies, adjectives can be used!

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