Thursday, 1 June 2017

Rap Battle!

Divide the class in the teams, and have a good, old-skool rap battle! 
It's just a straight-forward "which team can come up with the most words / phrases / sentences on a particular topic" turn-taking game, but with a twist.

Play it up, do lots of over acting, wear a baseball cap backwards - (and provide some for the "battlers")  - the lamer the better.

It doesn't need to rhyme, doesn't need a beat, and it doesn't even need to be sentences - for beginners, I'd start with a familiar topic (for example clothes). One team goes first, someone steps forward and "throws down" a word / sentence in the target language then "busts a sick move."  For more of a "rap feel", I'd get students to give 3 words (not necessarily as a sentence, but as a list with a little rhythm thrown in)

The first team / player to run out of ideas, loses. Then move onto another topic, or theme (eg, words beginning with "b")

This can be made harder for more advanced students - has to be a sentence, has to rhyme, has to relate to the sentence just given by the opponent... or, to make it harder for beginners, the word / words has to fit a beat (play a beatbox or rap beat from youtube or maybe get another student to beatbox)

Just a warning: It's not for everyone - the students (and you!) need to be prepared to make a fool of themselves with their mad acting skillz. Yo! Check it!