Wednesday, 17 March 2010

An oldie but a goodie

Don't forget about hangman! Great for practicing the alphabet in language classes, as well as reviewing vocabulary.

Thanks to Joyce Arnold for her instructions / idea below for Indonesian!

I ask 'huruf apa?' and the kids have to use the Indonesian sound.
I don`t allow them to call out the word if they know it, they have to complete it completely first.
I use 'ada' and 'tidak ada' after they tell me the letter.
If 'tidak ada', I then draw the body of the mouse, saying 'badan tikus' adding body parts and using Indo as I go. Sometimes I change the animal.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another quick number game...

This is another one I learned through the Peer Support Program, and have adapted it. Would only use it with real beginners with numbers, as you hear the same numbers a lot!

You need to explain the rules very clearly and carefully.

1) The aim is to see how high the class can count.
2) Only one person can call out each number.
3) There can NOT be any arranging of who calls out each number. Similarly, no prompting anyone else.
4) If 2 or more people say the same number, we start again.

There will be a few times when the class doesn't make it past 2! But a fun, engaging activity - perhaps have a couple of goes at the start (or end) of a couple of lessons to see how high your class can count.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ada berapa? (How many? Number off!!)

As students enter the room, assign each a number (use consecutive numbers rather than random numbers, but they can be given out in random order rather than in numerical order around the room)

Have a run through - students count as a class by calling out their number at the appropriate moment. See how fast the class can get through it (with correct pronunciation of course!). Explain that some time during the lesson you will call out a key word (like "number off!" or "Ada berapa?") without giving any other prompting. At that time they will need to count again - good to see who is listening and paying attention to what is happening in the class! You might like to assign yourself the number 1, or choose to give the number 1 to someone reliable and / or near the front so that it won't totally fall flat.

Good for drilling numbers when first learning them.

a comment...

I am teaching Year 7s for the first time this year, and am discovering just how much younger they are than Year 8s. So the next few games may be more primary oriented. If you have any games for primary students (or any other games not mentioned here yet!), please get in touch!