Sunday, 26 July 2009

Snake words

Another vocabulary exercise: one student gives a word, the next word must start with the final letter or letters of the first word, and so on. The challenge is to see how long a “snake” can be created without repeating a word.

This can be done in writing individually or in small groups (2 or 3), on paper, on computers or on the board.

I have also done this as an oral activity going around the class, or as a variation on “think fast.”

A final variation – as a competition. Individuals or teams take turns to contribute words to the snake, with points awarded to the team that gives the final word (ie when the other team can not come up with a word that will work)


  1. Well done Ibu Horne!!!

    You have worked hard to get all your games on here, providing a great resource for Language teachers! You are a star!!!

    Kellie Brophy

    ps Danielle...used Google Account for this comment... please don't look at my blog... it is an old experiment!

  2. Hai Bu,

    Excellent resource AND use of your skills i see. I will be forwarding this on to as many Indo teachers as I can! WAY 2 GO!