Sunday, 12 July 2009

Running "translations"

A pretty well known game. Students divide up in pairs. One has a piece of blank paper and a pen, the other is given a short piece of text. They are divided up across as large a space as possible (so this game is great for outside, but otherwise across a classroom with the furniture cleared in good also.)
The student with the text needs to help the other student to write down the text they have been given - but they can not move it. So, they must memorise bits of it, run to their partner and tell their partner what to write. Spelling counts. The runner can not touch the pen. The fun comes in as people invariably forget things, skip bits, miss-spell things, or run too fast and lose their breath so can't repeat it. Encourage students to use what they know about the spelling rules and syntax patterns that they have learned of the TL to help make sure they are on the right track.
First team to get it right wins. Switch roles between texts or at appropriate, teacher selected intervals.

variations -
1) as the name of the game suggests, the pairs need to translate not just transcribe the text.
2) for beginners, it can be a list of words rather than a paragraph.
3) "shouted translations" - each pair gas a different text / set of words. The partner with the original text must tell their partner across the space (ie shout). Their partner will need to listn carefully as all the teams will be shouting at once.

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