Thursday, 13 August 2009

team whispers

Write a good selection of numbers on the board (depending on the age of your children) and divide the class into 2 teams facing the board.
Stand at the back of the classroom and call one student from each line over to you. Whisper a number from the board to the students, who then have to run back to their team and whisper it to the next person in their line.
The whispers carry on down the line until they reach the person at the front who has to find the number, slam it with their hand and shout the number. This game can also be used with any vocabulary being used (fruit, family etc) simply by putting the pictures on the board.
A great game for all ages which has never let me down!


  1. Oops! Forgot to thank Anne for this one. Thanks very much to Anne MacKelvie for taking the time to type up so many games that she uses and forwarding them for me to share!

  2. How do you mean slam it with their hand?

  3. That's a good question! Now that I reread it I think there is something missing. I assume that the word that you whisper is one from a selection that you have written on the board (either in the target language or in translation), or have a picture of on the board, so the last child in the team has to locate it on the board & "slam it with their hand" to show which word they heard.
    thanks for taking the time to ask!