Thursday, 13 August 2009

Anjing, anjing, kucing (or duck, duck, goose!)

This game is played with the children sitting in a circle. You start with one child walking around the outer edge saying selamat pagi, selamat pagi and sampai nanti! or anjing, anjing, kucing (or any other combination).
Whoever the child taps on the head and says ‘sampai nanti’ or ‘kucing’ to has to get up and chase them around the circle. Obviously, to make it a surprise who will be the chaser, the student walking around the circle doesn't need to say "kucing" / "sampai nanti" / "goose" on the third child - but it can be a useful rule that they can not go around the whole circle more than once!

The winner is the child who sits down first or the child who tags the other. The other child repeats the process.

Works really well with littlies - although Year 10s have been known to suggest it as a game to play!

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