Sunday, 27 March 2016

Silent relays

This is a version of Chinese Whispers, but the focus is on writing rather than speaking.

Organise students into teams of between 5 and 10, and get the teams to form lines.
Give the person at the back of each team a word written on a piece of paper or card. They need to "write" the word using their finger on the back of the next person in their team - without speaking. They can rewrite it if needed. The 2nd person then writes the word on the back of the next person in the team, and so on till the get to the last person, who writes the word on a piece of paper (or on the board). If it's the right word, and it's spelled correctly (with accents etc if appropriate), the first team to write the word wins (or gets one point). If it's wrong, the team starts over.

For a longer game, count this as one round. The person at the front of the line moves to the back and everyone else shuffles down one place and a new word is given.

Repeat as desired!

This could also be played by "air writing" with the finger (with the 2nd team member turned to face the first, but with the rest of the team still facing away.

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