Saturday, 26 March 2016

Foldover - write, read and draw.

Another version of foldover stories - my sister taught me and Miss 7 this last weekend while she was visiting from inter-state and I've already used it with great success in class.

For this version, each student again needs pen & paper. Colour pencils can be useful also.

To start, each person writes a sentence (or, even better, a short paragraph) in the target language.  This is passed on to the second person who reads what was written, and has to DRAW it as best they can.
Now, the writing is folded over so that only the picture can be seen, and it is passed on again.
The next person must write what they think the initial sentence (or paragraph) said, based on what is shown in the drawing.  Fold over so only the latest writing is visible, and repeat. And repeat again if desired :)  You should end with writing rather than a picture. At the end, students compare the first and last versions.

There's a full explanation here. (I found it after I'd typed up the post, and was looking for a picture! Oh well!)

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