Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Vocabulary Gallery Walk

Not really a game... but still fun, especially if you play up the "gallery opening".

I love the idea of creating a gallery in this way, and getting students to give feedback on each others' work. I feel that if the students know they are creating for each other rather than just for the teacher, they will try that bit harder. Your "gallery" doesn't need to be word+definition+example - you could  use the gallery idea just as easily for a "creating" activity rather than simply a revision exercise. And if you don't have laptops, access to a computer lab or ipads / tablets there are other ways to do it - good old paper, or why not experiment with BYOD (bring your own device) if your school will allow it?
I have pasted these instructions directly from edudemic.com - here's the link.

"1. Vocabulary Gallery Walk – Each student will be given a word to define and provide an example for. Students will use Sock Puppet or Go Animate to create a mini skit to define and example their word. Students will lay iPads around the room and walk around to review each skit. Sticky notes will be placed near iPads for students to leave comments. Students will be instructed to write definitions and examples as they view each skit on their Vocabulary Gallery Walk Recording Sheet."

In the same article, Edudemic also suggests creating mini movies as a way to revise, then having a film festival / "world premiere" (possibly complete with popcorn?). Again, a great idea easily adapted from revision activity to an MFL activity.

Of course, you could go "old school" minus the technology aspect, and just challenge the students to create posters to show the meaning of the word / phrase / sentence without using any English :)

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