Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pass the parcel

Just like the kids' party game, but under each layer of newspaper you have a question in the target language - when the music stops, the student with the parcel unwraps a layer then reads out the question & answers it.

* the student who has the parcel when the music stops reads out the question, but picks someone else to answer it.
* include instructions in the target language as well as (or instead of) questions. simple things based on what they have learned: eg "draw a cat" "stand on the red chair and dance" ... use your imagination to challenge them!
* have a topic instead of a question. Students talk to the topic.
* specify the length of the answer required - single words, phrases, full sentences, or to really challenge: keep talking till the music starts up again!

What other ideas do you have?
How else can pass the parcel be adapted for the classroom?
What other kids' party games could be used?


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  2. Usually I use it when doing personal description - I write a comment like "Berikan kepada seseorang yang berkacamata" or "Berikan kepada siswa yang paling tinggi di kelas" etc - no music required. Students read out card then hand the parcel over. Works best when class size isn't too big.

  3. thanks so much for sharing your idea! for those out there who don't speak Indonesian, Jo's (?) suggestion is instructions like "give to someone who is wearing glasses" and "give to the tallest student in the class."
    Sounds like a great variation!