Thursday, 14 May 2009

Selamat Datang!

Hi - welcome to my blog on using games in the second language classroom! I will be refering to Indonesian for examples, and often for titles, but all games will be "transportable" to other 2nd language situations. I won't be refering to useful websites in this blog (unless they are about class games, not online games), although that's one of my other passions. I will tag each game with the level of language that I think fits best, also primary / secondary / upper secondary. Please feel free to add comments, suggestions or questions and I will try to update this from time based on any feedback...
Hopefully this is of some use to you, even if it is just reminding you of something you haven't done for a while. Using games to help language acquisition isn't new, and I won't pretend it is, but I hope there is something here you haven't tried, or can adapt for your own situation.
Selamat bermain!

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