Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Alphabet Call and Response

Use the standard military marching call and response rhythm, call out the alphabet and the students call the response:

ABCDEFG abcdefg
HIJKLMNOP hijklmnop
QRSTU and V qrstu and v
WXY and Z wxy and z

(you may want to adapt this to suit you and the rhythm you use) 
I think the only way to do this properly is to get the students up out of the seats, in a line, and march around the classroom in and around the desks to the rhythm.

Repeat the alphabet call & response couple of times as you march around the room. Maybe get the students to try to make the letters with their bodies as they march for an extra twist?

The "and" should be in the target language too, of course!

After a few rounds, you could always try calling the alphabet backwards - but you may need to practice this beforehand! 

It's not a game exactly, but a great way to practice the alphabet, and possibly other vocabulary. Numbers spring to mind instantly, but possibly also daily routine words - and why not add actions to add an extra kinesthetic dimension?

This is another activity from the Langues & Terres course I did in France in April.

Good luck and have fun!
ps - if you're not sure what I mean by call & response marching rhythm, here's an example of a rhythm you could use / adapt

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